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Each image captured in her signature style is the result of her artist exploration of emotional transition as time transcends shifts of experiences, often invisible to outsiders but nevertheless deeply felt. Containing the necessary traces of people, whilst being physically absent, her work discreetly leads the viewer to the threshold of a quiet unanticipated, silent introspection. Each photograph implores the viewer to stop for a few minutes and soak in the details that can go unseen in the everyday. Sensitive to the omnipresent vibrations of life influx, she embraces each image with a timeless and serene aesthetic.

Joanne Carter, TheAppWhisperer

Collection of works held by TheAppWhisperer Online Gallery.

All work is available for purchase.
‘I must have flowers, always and always……’

Claude Monet
‘Beauty is of soft whisperings. She speaks in our spirit’

Kahlil Gibran
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